WOUDACIEUX HAUTE PARFUMERIE is a French company established in March 2020 in Paris to create genuine niche perfumes with authentic taste for exquisite perfume collectors, crafted with unique recipes, composed by international perfumers with rare materials of highest quality, extracted by most advanced methods to capture the essence of the pure luxury in our precious products, avoiding the mainstream trends or “copycat” madness by a confident vision of embodying the unexperienced potions with so far untried combinations , in order to achieve the utmost enchanting perfumes, who would make our customers to forget life, earth, death everything around even for a quantum of time.

Our name is a combination of the French word AUDACIEUX (“audacious”) and OUD, one of the most exquisite and expensive natural perfume ingredients on earth, to which we put a final touch by adding the letter W at the beginning, in order to emphasize the woody character of our olfactive signature, and to render the pronunciation also an English sound beside its French root.

In our perfume studio, we developed over 200 formula for the past 2 years and proposed them all to the evaluation of our customer survey group which consists of 60 People of varying age, gender, perfume tastes, professions and cultures, who elected their mostly liked 10 formula out of those 200, moreover our perfumers performed at least 6 or 7 fine tunings on each one of those 10 selected formula according to the critics of our client survey group as well, to bring them to their final status.

For 2021, we decided to launch 5 of those 10 finalized formula (Which we call “The Signature Collection”) and for the other 5 (Our “Home Made Exclusives”) we already started to take preorders

The 7 principles that our business mindset is built on are as follows:

• Never try to copy or to be similar of the best seller niche perfumes existing in the market

• Stay always innovative (In our 10 products there are 41 ingredients used for the first time in perfume industry, beside using all known odor molecule extraction methods, we are also using rare methodes like raising up the temperature up to 170°C and in 60 seconds  drop it down to -20°C, and meanwhile we also developped our patent pending extraction methods like freshly roasted ingredients vapor diffusion into solid vegetable oils, to capture the true roast smell of  carcoal grilled corn, carcoal grilled chickpeas, carcoal grilled pine nut, carcoal grilled caju nut , chestnut, hazelnut, and carcoal grilled bitter almonds,where all the competitors are using the synthetic pyrazine substitutes of those nuts by adding some chemical barbecue accords to reach th smoky accords)

• Be true niche (80% of our ingredients are certified natural absolutes or certified natural essential oils of highest purity, carefully selected from all around the world, for the rest 20% we had to use highest quality synthetics in order to replicate the animalic odors while still staying vegan and in order to reconstitute precious fruity notes, which cannot be extracted from natural sources by known distillation methods since the key odorants in actual fruits are waterbased and not oilbased molecules)

• Never compromise from exclusivity for higher volumes, more Income or increased ROI (We are strictly a SMALL BATCH company, which means all our products are being produced only as 2000 pieces per each reference for each lot, and not a single piece more, considering that the approximate sale-off duration of one <2000 piece> lot is about 2 years,so throughout those 2 years, they won’t be more than 2000 available products around the globe per reference, which serves our motto “SMELL UNIQUE”)

• SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Never ever condone for those who chose to deviate from human rights: As a company we see ourselves belonging to the foundation and to the protectors of human rights, regardless of their ethnicity and gender (we only work with the ingredient suppliers who officially declare and insure that they never make minors work as labor power, and we only work with the suppliers recruiting over 80% women as their coworkers in all around the world)

• Be the savior of “100% Vegan and Cruelty Free” (Our products are absolutely free from any animalic content, furthermore none of the ingredients we used are tested on animals)

• Save the nature (All our products including the packaging are 96%recyclable and we are on the pursuite to raise it up to 99% in a very near future)

So far, we tried to explain what we have done and how we did it, on the other hand, for the reason why we chose to do it, meaning among all those niche perfume houses, whose number is multiplying day by day, why we decided to establish another bespoke perfume house. In order to understand our reasons better, we would be very thankful, if you could read our “Company Manifesto” link in our website.

We very much hope you would enjoy our website and our perfume creations, and as Woudacieux Family, we would be very grateful, if you could share your comments and feedback in our “It’s your blog” or “Contact-us” links of our website.

Enjoy the life and stay healthy

Because there isn’t any substitute for either one

With our most sincere regards

Woudacieux Family