The scientists ought to serve to make the human beings less vulnerable and more competent against the immense and uncontrolable power of nature (diseases, natural disasters, indequacy of water, food and natural or artificial power ressources) an the scientists, I mean the good ones, also should serve to protect the human being from itself (fighting against the unequal distribution of vital necessities among 5 continents, and protest against some governments’ atrocities to keep it as unequal as one sided as it gets,  as well as against the global terror reactions to that monopoly, since the latter one is as bad as the first one,  just like the scientists should combate against the climate change and other consequences of nature abuse by mankind,  the scientists, again “the good ones”,  are meant to protect the human race against the uncertainity of the future (meteor hits, other unknown dangers to our planet and to the mankind) all for the sake of the continuation of human race with the highest  possible quality of life , and this latter,  as equally distributed  as possible among all people on 5 continents. That looks wonderful if you line it up with beatiful words as pearls in a necklace, but in reality, as of today, at many of those righteous aims mentioned above, we appear to keep failing, for this or that explicable or unexplicable reason, despite the number of the human oriented successes that we seem to have achieved in the past century,  yes, achieved way to much late or barely on time, still, if we should look at the present time, we scientists look far from  fulfilling quite a number of those human&nature centered goals listed above.

And whenever the scientists happen to fail in those aims, and whenever a certain  individual suffers from desperation and frustration because of those failures, such as when ‘unsaveables’ could not be saved and lost, and when people search for a responsible all around  for their losses,  sometimes searching too hard just in order to forget to take a look at their very selves first to put the finger on, thus  in those moments of inexhaustible sources for relentless accusation and the feeling of frustration caused by that, just like the self pity and the depression coming out of it, there is only one power which could penetrate into those devastated peoples’ hearts to revive them back into their existence and help them start enjoying their lives again and that is , undisputably nothing else but THE ARTS. And within this context, we believe, the responsibility of an artist , being recalled for the duty in those moments of hoplessness,  is to make people unchain from their agony and lift up their heads towards the sky to breath the air, even for a couple of minutes or hours, making them get distracted and slip away from the meaninglessness and shortness of life and from  the unavoidability of a timely or untimely arrival of death, no matter whether it would catch us or our most beloved ones first.

Making the people feel upheaved off the ground, distanced from the unendurable facts of their lives, even for a slightest moment, keep them away from the unbeareble heaviness of those two inevitable truths of being  (the ungrateful life and the blind death)  and this momentary relief, is achievable only and only by using our power to appeal their 5 senses, by carrying our soulcrafted messages through our paintings, our photographs, our poems,  our dancing, our theather pieces or movies, and yes for their 5th sense, hence for their olfactory perception, through our perfumes, scents and odour compositions

And, as olfactive artists, we believe, that each individual receiving and evaluating those soulcrafted messages of ours, actually does deserve , that those messages need to be genuine, particular, authentic, as unique as the receivers themselves, and as frank as the intention of their creators,  and with those messages we compose for you,  we are aiming at the end, that you, our receivers would think, that those messages are worth leaving  any other inputs coming from the universe aside to dedicate your very precious moment to enjoy it, choosing this very olfactive memo for distracting yourselves from the irreversable bitter facts of life, even if these lucky moments  should be granted merely for a couple of seconds to us. And in order to deserve to be chosen for that invaluable moment of distraction by you, we believe that our soulcrafted olfactive letters to you must truely deserve your dedication.

And as perfume artists of Woudacieux, we believe to achieve that goal through composing our scent stories such way, that each of you who receives it, would feel that your own unique presence is worth living free and joyously,  worth celebrating each healthy breath inhaled along, worth being able to move on with your lives among all those challenges of life,  and for that cause, we are aiming to flash this ray of light into your hearts and minds through our olfactive potions, in order to convince you, that this life itself is actually  worth enjoying, no matter how unfair, ungrateful or unmanageble it might seem to us sometimes. And in order to bring this dutiful message through your olfactory senses into your hearts, we aimed to reach for the most unpredicted ingredient compositions, obtained by some utterly unexperienced raw material extraction methods in perfume history so far, by methodically rejecting every known tradition, every common top seller trend and each existing mindset in perfumery acknowleged and left unquestioned by now, which is why we endavoured to try each and every new crazy idea of a possible ingredient combinations, without any bias upfront, while challenging ourselves and our partners (our perfumers, our ingredient and packaging suppliers, our visual artists and web designers, our digital agencies, our promotion and social media managers) to the last point to extract the best out of their capabilities and ressources to appeal to your taste with their maximum efforts, by driving them sometimes mad, but meanwhile mostly by excrutiating ourselves first, in order to merit the chance of becoming your choice to pick up our distractions for sliding away from your day routine by a sparkle of a perfume tale.

Also we never ever attempted to glimpse at any concessions cocking up between the turning wheels of this ruthless cosmetic industry, to the contrary, we have always and are still continuously protesting and fighting against all the sieges imposed by the very well known 7 monopolist perfumery&cosmetic tyrants, who are determined to strategically eradicate the fine and individual perfumery out of earth through their collaborators ,thus the 3 ingredient manufacturer giants, who are deeply intertwined with the latter 7 holdings with suplier-customer relationships, and off course by their famous non-elected and non-gouvernemental body: thay perfume ingredient restriction lobby, which they use as their tongue, who is again sponsored by the same 3 raw material gatekeepers ,just in order to limit or ban each year another natural ingredient, so that their sponsors, hence those 3 main ingredient producers could service the chemically substituted equivalent of this recently forbidden natural product as an exclusive raw material for exhorbitant prices, available only to selected perfume companies (which all are astonishingly owned by those 7 perfumery monopolists as well) all with the determination,  that the ones who aren’t owned by those 7 tyrants yet (meaning independent perfume houses like us)  would go bankrupt pretty soon and get sold to them too, and all these malicious efforts are merely for nothing but taking the control of each and every piece of cosmetic product manufactured on this planet in their own hands, in order to assure that not the individual creators and artists, but the highest capital and market owners win all the appreciation and the profit in this business.

As you might see, among all those incredible challenges, we fought, struggled, strived and tried very hard for you, just in order to make our unique olfactory messages would arrive to your precious evaluation and to your unspotted conscience  in an atmost unadultrated manner, and without a slightest compromise in design, ingredient, craftmanshift and presentation quality. All in order to try to make our message be worthy for you, with the aim of hopefully deserving the devotion of your one private moment of distraction from this life, with the humble aspiration of meriting it well enough, so that you would ascribe the motive of at least one of those self indulging escapades from your daily life routine  to one of our scent compositions at the end of the day.

We very much hope, that you would give a chance to discover our genuinely soulcrafted olfactory fables, try to smell what we have got to say, to hear by your nose, what stories the characters inside that odour novels belong to be telling to you, and we would be very deightfull, if you would share your feelings and thoughts of those moment of disturbances from outer World in your souls with us in return, on “Client Reviews” of our website www.woudacieux.com or the blogs and comment6review section of our social media accounts linked from our website.

Please do remember, we are here for you,  and we are listening to you.

With our most sincere regards